Building Muscle with Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

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Building Muscle with Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak has become to muscle building supplements what Doyle Brunson is to poker and that is the Granddaddy. Having been around since the very start of when muscle building supplements became popular, it is still here today and considered one of the best on the market.
With more than thirty years experience in the field and having been at the top of their game for so long, it is no wonder that thousands of athletes, body builders and power lifters across the world swear by this Animal Universal product.

Though it was originally developed for the more serious and professional athlete, it has now become a popular choice for those that want to body build through choice and improve their body and strength.

The product differs from any other due to the sheer amount of tablets and ingredients that can be found within it. You will be taking a large number of different tablets, capsules, softgels and pills on a daily basis, so if you are not very good at taking pills this might not be for you. Each of those different methods of consuming this product has had their coating chosen for each formulation inside.

This is because some ingredients require quicker access to your body, whilst others are more beneficial when slowly digested. No other product goes down this route and will instead pack the whole of their product into just the one form of consumption method.

The Animal Pack vitamins that are included will cover all your nutritional bases and ensure that your body is in the best possible shape nutritionally to undergo a high intensity workout without worrying about being nutritionally deficient.

Let’s take a look at what the product is and how it can help you to achieve the body you deserve.

What is its Purpose?

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak has been around for more than three decades and was one of the very first supplements that was solely aimed at high class athletes and bodybuilders. It was designed for those that wanted the very best and offered something far more than what the average product on the market was offering.

The product comes jam-packed with a massive selection of vitamins and minerals as well as a superb selection of amino acids, digestive enzymes and antioxidants. It literally does cater for everything that is needed for those that undergo intense workouts.

When Should I Be Taking it?

By following the instructions given by the manufacturer, you should be consuming one packet about half an hour after eating your pre-workout meal. It is also recommended that for the more advanced athletes among you, you should be taking another pack after the meal you eat directly after your workout.

This should ideally only be the case if you are doing extremely high intensive workouts at a very high volume, otherwise a second packet is not really required. Additionally, always make sure that you drink a lot of water when taking a packet as this will help your body to break down the coatings on the tablets and allow your body to get the nutrients easier.

What Benefits Should I Expect?

It is difficult to know where to start regarding the many benefits that this Animal Pack has, the comprehensive supplement has so many that listing them all will be almost impossible in this article.

For a start, the vitamins and minerals found in the product will lead to optimal nerve function as well as the much needed muscle cell hydration that enables you to go from one workout to another without losing any explosive strength.

You then have certain ingredients such as alpha lipoic that actually multiplies the effects of any of the carbohydrates that you consume. This enables your muscles to grow more efficiently and recover far quicker after a workout.

Also, the inclusion of the amino acid complex in Universal Nutrition Animal Pak ensures that even if you are not consistently able to eat a balanced diet of meat, dairy and eggs that your body is not missing the nutrients that they offer.

The addition of digestive enzymes and antioxidants also play a massive role due to relieving the amount of stress that your body will be under when undertaking a tough workout routine. The digestive enzymes will also be able to encourage your body to absorb larger amounts of any nutrients that you consume.

Any Precautions to look Out For?

The only time you should be concerned about precautions is if you are pregnant or suffer with any underlying medical conditions. If either is the case, you should certainly make an appointment with your doctor before taking the supplement.

Finally, it is important to again remind you that plenty of water is a must when taking this product. It helps the different coatings on the tablets to break up. Without water you could find that the whole product is a waste.


The history behind this Universal Animal product should be the first thing that any prospective buyer should be happy to see. With many decades in the field and always among the very best, there can be no issues about wondering if the product is effective or not.

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak has absolutely everything that any body builder would need and comes at a very affordable and competitive price. Again, it will require you to take plenty of pills on a daily basis but this is one of the secrets to its success. No other product is like this in that sense and no other product can pretty much guarantee you results as long as you put in the work alongside it.

If you have been searching for what is considered the very best supplement that is aimed at athletes and body builders, then this product is the one that you should be looking at before any other on the market. Good luck, I’m sure that you will make the right choice!