Advocare Performance Elite for Optimal Workout Results

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This article tackles the Advocare Performance Elite lineup of workout supplement products. Discussed here are its benefits, the features of each product, and how to properly take them to optimize results.

So you’ve done all the hard work to reach your ideal weight and now it’s time to build those muscles. You’re already on a steady workout routine and the focus is to build muscle strength, shape or tone your body, and compliment all you have done to get this far. The Advocare Performance Elite line of products is the perfect solution to achieve your goals simply because the Performance Elite line covers every aspect of a solid workout routine.

What are the Performance Elite Products?

First of all, these products are not designed for helping you lose weight. As mentioned above, Performance Elite is a special line of products that cater to people who have already hit their target weight and are on the way to building a stronger body. If you’re already in that range, quite comfortable with a regular routine of high activity workouts, then this is exactly what you have been looking for.

In total there are twelve (12) different products. Each one of them is a specialized blend that will help you in different aspects of building a properly toned body. Some are rich in antioxidants that will boost your immune system and promote better cell oxygenation while others boost your energy, metabolism, or stamina.

A Look at Each Product

  • O2 Gold – this helps with oxygen use and oxygen supply to the blood cells while also providing an ample supply of antioxidants to boost the immune system

  • VO2 Prime – a soy-based stamina bar, the VO2 Prime is made to boost cardiovascular health and to also promote proper oxygen supply to the muscles

  • Muscle Strength – taken before working out, this supplement repairs muscle tissue and promotes better endurance, ensuring you get the best results with your routine

  • Muscle Gain – this is basically much like a protein drink and is added to the mix to help the body build bigger, stronger muscles

  • Bio Charge – an energy supplement that is completely caffeine-free and is also mixed with a ton of vitamins and minerals to keep you active without side effects or the much-feared “crash”

  • Pro 20 – this is a unique pre-workout protein shot that enhances muscle gain, agility, and will help build lean muscle mass

  • Rehydrate Gel – this is an electrolyte-replacement blend that will delay fatigue as well as promote stable metabolism but it primarily focuses on rehydrating the body

  • Advocare Muscle Fuel – this is a fruit punch blend that carries well over 25 vitamins and different minerals to boost energy and metabolism as well as provides a healthy supplement for your diet

  • Mass Impact – this is a special amino acid supplement which is used to help with muscle loss attributed to age or for people who find it difficult to optimize the results of their workout routine

  • Arginine Extreme – this drink is best for helping with the heart and lungs, making it one of the best cardiovascular supplements. It is essential for any cardio workout

  • Post-Workout Recovery – this shake blend helps with muscle repair and to cope with fatigue and physical stress

  • Nighttime Recovery – you’re not working out while sleeping but you should be recovering so you can be at 100% shape the next day. This caplet ensures your body gets the most rest and repair during its night time rest

The Performance Elite Workout Schedule

So how are you supposed to take so many products? Where are you supposed to start? Here is the recommended workout schedule provided by Advocare:

  • Fitness Training (Fitness Classes, Cardio Workouts, Low-Intensity Weight Lifting)

How Much Will This Cost?

This looks like a lot of products for a workout routine so how much should you expect to spend on all of these? This is a trick question because while you will need all of them over time, you don’t need all of them simultaneously.

It is best to pick a routine you want to concentrate on, such as a fitness routine or a power training routine, and only avail of the key products in the suggested workout routine. This will ensure you save money but still get all of the important supplements to boost results and stay fit and healthy.

If you were to purchase the entire line, it could cost you a little under $520 at face-value. However you can receive a substantial discount by joining the company as a distributor. 

Pros and Cons


  • Performance Elite covers every aspect of an active workout routine

  • Unlike other blends, the products of this line are not gross to drink/eat. Most of them are fruit flavored, chocolate, or vanilla 

  • The product line ensures you get optimal results and also promotes muscle and energy repair so you don’t wear yourself out in exhaustion or fatigue

  • The ingredients used are from blends made of different natural extracts ensuring you do not experience side effects


  • The product line can be a tad bit expensive and is best suited for trainers already undergoing a steady workout routine with the intention of boosting their results


Reward all your hard work with the Advocare Performance Elite line of supplements. You’ll see immediate muscle-building results that also helps you recover quickly, stabilize metabolism, and keep yourself energized for longer, better routines. With a complete line you will never need to look elsewhere.