In-Depth Look at the Different Advocare Performance Elite Products

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This articlePerformance Elite discusses the different Advocare Performance Elite products offered by Advocare and which routine each product is used in.

Anyone who’s been working hard to lose weight and attain the ideal body will start working on their next goal: building lean muscle mass that ensures a strong and well-toned body. There are a lot of products out there but the ones that truly stand out are the Performance Elite products from Advocare. For the uninitiated who don’t know what they are or for those curious to see if they are the ideal workout solutions, consider the in-depth review below.

A Complete Workout Supplement

There is no such thing as a single supplement that can do it all. No matter how many vitamins and essential ingredients are packed into one shake or protein bar, the body has a certain limit to how much it can absorb at a given time. This is why it is best to split those nutrients to specific times when they are needed the most.
This is the strategy that makes Performance Elite work. The different products in this line are split, with some required to be taken before your workout while others are taken during or after. Others have to be taken several times throughout the day, between meals, and another is made to be taken right before you sleep.

What are the Main Performance Elite Products?

In general there are twelve products that you will want to work with. It is important to point out that it is not required to have all of them at the same time, mind you. You only need a certain group depending on the type of workout routine you are following.
To get a better look at what’s in store, here’s a guide to the three workout sessions recommended by Advocare, the company that produces these products:

1. The Fitness Routine – this routine is for people conducting cardio workouts, low-intensity lifting, or for a fitness class involving a wide range of people. For this type of workout session you will need:

O2 Gold (1 hour before workout) – this supplement boosts your immune system with its antioxidants and is also essential for proper oxygenation for your cells

Bio Charge (During workout) – this is an energy booster but its main benefit is that it carries all those vitamins and minerals without caffeine, ensuring you’re active but not in risk of high blood pressure or the eventual “caffeine crash”

Muscle Gain (after workout) – this protein blend ensures that your muscles get the most out of the recent workout, building lean muscle mass

Nighttime Recovery (before sleeping) – this is one of the most important products because it focuses on proper muscle and body repair while you sleep. This eliminates the sores and aches after a heavy day working out

Pro 20  (ongoing) – ongoing products have to be taken between meals. Pro 20 must be taken to promote body agility, lean muscle mass, and muscle endurance

2. The Endurance Routine – this routine is for building endurance, allowing you to work out longer and harder for better results. This is for endurance-centered cardio sessions. For this you will need:

O2 Gold (1 hour before workout)

VO2 Prime (1 hour before workout) – this is a stamina bar (soy-based) and is made to help supply oxygen to the muscles as well as promote better cardiovascular health

Arginine Extreme (30 minutes before workout) – this is one of the pioneering supplements for better heart and lung health

Bio Charge (During workout)

Rehydrate Gel (During workout) – this is an electrolyte-replacement gel which hydrates the body, keeping you energized and stabilizes your metabolism to burn more calories

Post-Workout Recovery (after workout) – this is to be taken right after your workout and is to help muscle recovery, ensuring your muscles grow and strengthen without tears or other permanent and painful damages

Nighttime Recovery (before sleeping)

Muscle Gain (ongoing)

Pro 20  (ongoing)

3. The Power Routine – this routine is for people really pushing the limits with high-intensity strength workouts, conditioning, and heavy lifting. You will need:

VO2 Prime (1 hour before workout)

Muscle Strength (1 hour before workout) – this supplement works on muscle recovery and muscle endurance, ensuring your muscles can work out harder and longer

Muscle Fuel (30 minutes before workout) – a fruit punch blend, this supplement carries all of the essential vitamins and minerals

Mass Impact (30 minutes before workout) – for anyone experiencing difficulty to gain muscle mass, either due to age or a lean body type, this is the supplement you’ll need because of its rich amino acids that promote muscle growth

Bio Charge (during workout)

Post-Workout Recovery (after workout)

Nighttime Recovery (before sleeping)

Muscle Gain (ongoing)

Pro 20  (ongoing)

How Much Does This Cost?

If you have picked the right workout package for your needs and wants you’ll want to know how much it all costs. For non-members you may pay from less than $150 to $300 depending on the routine and the products required but members always get a hefty discount on their purchases.

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