Does Advocare Performance Elite Work?

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Body Building With Advocare Performance EliteAre you asking the question, does Advocare Performance Elite Work? This article discusses the highly-rated range of products from one of the top sports supplements makers today.

This is the first thing that you will likely ask the moment you hear about the positive reviews that these products have been getting lately.

Advocare has risen to become one of the most reputable makers of sports performance supplements. It was a relatively unknown brand until SuperBowl MVP Drew Brees became one of its endorsers.

You may raise an eyebrow and say that Brees was paid to become an endorser. But one thing you need to know is that Brees was already using Advocare Performance Elite products before he became the company’s key endorser.

Speaking of Advocare Performance Elite products, there are 12 of them. It can be categorized into three groups- fitness, endurance, and power.

Here’s a closer look at these highly sought after products:


There are four Advocare Performance Elite products that are designed for people who want to be fit and are engaging in low intensity weight lifting and cardio exercise. These are:

1. O2 Gold– This is an herbal dietary supplement that is to be taken an hour before your workout. It has powerful ingredients that can improve your energy and endurance, so you can perform exercises like running or lifting weights without feeling tired easily.
2. BioCharge– This is another supplement rich in branched-chain amino acids and B vitamins that can help reduce muscle soreness and muscular damage after a tiring workout. This should be taken while working out.
3. Muscle Gain– After your workout, drink this performance protein shake mix that is rich in amino acids and other components needed for muscle building and protein synthesis. It has vitamins and minerals like calcium, vitamin C and B-6.
4. Nighttime Recovery– Just before going to bed, take the Nighttime Recovery amino acid and herbal supplement so your muscles can repair and recover after the backbreaking activity while you sleep.


In case you want to improve your endurance through cardio workouts, you can turn to seven Advocare Performance Elite supplements. These are:
1. O2 Gold – Same as above.
2. VO2 Prime– This is a pre-workout bar that can be used as substitute for O2 Gold. Like the latter, it has 3 kilograms of beetroot juice powder as well as antioxidants that are found in blueberries and cranberries. When taken 60 minutes before a workout, it can give you the stamina you need to exercise a little longer.
3. Arginine Extreme – Take this 30 minutes before a workout as it is designed to improve your endurance. The Arginine Extreme multi-nutrient sport drink has 2.5 grams of L-arginine that is known to improve athletic performance. Arginine Extreme can also promote the good condition of the cardiovascular system, so you’ll be able to endure a demanding workout.
4. Biocharge – Same as above
5. Rehydrate Gel– Like Biocharge, this is to be taken while you are working out. It has a light lemon flavor, and you should take one so that you will be able to endure an intense physical activity.
6. Post Workout Recovery– after the workout, take this sports performance drink mix that can provide your body with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs to recover from a grueling activity.
7. Nighttime Recovery – Same as above.


There are also Advocare Performance Elite products designed to support your goal of building muscle mass and improving your strength.
1. Muscle Strength– this is a dietary supplement that should be taken 60 minutes before a workout. It has ingredients that can enhance muscle size and improve muscle strength. One key ingredient is HMB which aids in reducing muscle breakdown.
2. VO2 Prime – Same as above
3. Advocare Muscle Fuel– this is a dietary supplement that should be taken 30 minutes prior to a workout. It can help your body maintain the energy needed for an intensive activity.
4. Mass Impact– another pre-workout meal, it has creatine as its key ingredients. Creatine is known to improve athletic performance.
5. Biocharge – Same as above
6. Post Workout Recovery – Same as above
7. Nighttime Recovery – Same as above

Real Customer Reviews

Looking at the ingredients of Advocare Performance Elite products, you can easily determine that the products can deliver on the manufacturer’s promise to help its users improve their stamina and hasten muscle repair and recover quickly after a workout.
Of course, you would have to look for Advocare Performance Elite reviews to determine whether the supplements actually work.
You can look for reviews on on Advocare Performance Elite products, such as the Arginine Extreme. One review of the said supplement indicates that it can give an energy boost whic+h would come in handy during an intensive workout.
The reviewer also added that he trusts Advocare products, finding them safe and effective. He also mentioned that he has been using Advocare supplements for more than a decade.
Another reviewer on wrote about the Advocare Muscle Fuel and he said he took the supplement after deciding to work out again, as he was sedentary for quite a while. He shared that on day 1 he spent 30 minutes on the elliptical machine. He then had an arm workout, focusing on the biceps, shoulders, triceps, chest, and upper back.
He expected to his muscles to be sore the next day, but was quite surprised that he still had the energy to go through his daily tasks without feeling tired at all. He was so satisfied with Advocare Muscle Fuel that he has even recommended it to his sister.


Advocare Perfomance Elite products are generally effective in providing its users with the energy and stamina to endure strenous activities. Taking these supplements before, after and during a workout would give you the added power and endurance needed to achieve your fitness goals. Moreover, using the post-workout supplements can make your body deal better with the soreness and hasten muscle repair and recovery.
So if you want to know does Advocare Performance Elite work, the answer is a resounding YES. Try these products if you are serious about building muscles, enhancing endurance, and improving your overall health.