Advocare Performance Elite Results

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Performance elite give you the power to build muscleWhat Advocare Performance Elite results can you expect from using the supplements? Find out in this article.

Have you heard of Advocare products and how they supposedly help people achieve their fitness goals? Are you curious about the Advocare results? Get the answers right here.

What is Advocare Performance Elite?

Any review of the Advocare Performance Elite will not be complete without discussing what the products are and their specific functions.

The Advocare Performance Elite is a group of products designed for gym goers and body builders who want to optimize their workouts, build muscle or recover faster from a strenuous activity.

A common misconception is that one has to take all 12 supplements in order to achieve their desired result. On the contrary, there is no need to use all the supplements. You would use a certain supplement when you need it.

Some of the products are designed to be taken throughout the day, while others are to be taken in between meals. There are also other supplements that should be taken during a certain period like before going to bed, or before or after a workout.

There are 12 products under the Advocare Performance Elite brand. These are :

  1. VO2Prime– a performance nutrition bar that is to be taken before a workout. It contains beetroot juice and antioxidants that are present in blueberries and cranberries. It is designed to provide you with the stamina for your workouts.
  2. BioCharge– this is an amino acid supplement that combats the signs of aging, as well as the stress that your body takes whenever you complete a workout. It has the so-called building blocks of muscles, branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and B vitamins that reduce muscle soreness and damage.
  3. Pro 20– a liquid protein and amino acid supplement that can be taken before and after a workout.
  4. Muscle Gain– a protein shake that is rich in vitamin C, calcium, and vitamin B-6 essential for building muscles. May be taken during or after a workout.
  5. Post Recovery Workout supplement– with more than 30 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed by the body to recuperate from an intense workout. May be taken after a workout, or before going to bed.
  6. Muscle Fuel Pre-Workout– as its name suggests, this drink is to be taken before a workout. It combines 28 essential vitamins and minerals for energy production and building of muscles.
  7. Arginine Extreme– a pre-workout supplement with lots of L-arginine and other amino acids, B vitamins and nutrients that increase the production of nitric acid in the body.
  8. Mass Impact– another pre-workout supplement, it supports muscle building with its high levels of creatine, sustamine and other essential amino acids.
  9. Nighttime Recovery– a supplement that is to be taken before going to bed, this product blends adaptogens with other nutrients for enhanced muscle growth and muscle repair.
  10. Muscle Strength– a pre-workout meal with ingredients that enhance muscle size and strength and reduce muscle breakdown. It also has a compound called HMB that supports muscle cell membrane stabilization and botanicals that help the muscles recover after a strenuous workout.
  11. O2 Gold– a pre-workout supplement, it has proteins and herbal extracts that boost energy.
  12. Rehydrate Gel– with a light lemon flavor, this is a nice supplement to take while working out. It also gives you more energy to continue with your workouts.

 Advocare Performance Elite Ingredients

To be able to have an idea how all these supplements work, you can look up the ingredients of these products and see how these affect our bodies.

One ingredient, beetroot juice, is said to be a superfood with studies claiming it can improve athletic performance and promote blood flow in the body. It’s not surprising that it is now incorporated as an ingredient in many nutritious products like juices and drinks.

One study showed that a participant in a 4-kilometer bicycle time trial was able to improve his performance by 11 seconds after taking a beetroot juice supplement.

Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are also known to have positive effects on the body, particularly in improving muscle strength and increasing one’s endurance. There are actually three BCAAs—leucine which acts as fuel for the body, isoleucine which regulates energy levels, and valine which aids in muscle metabolism and tissue repair.

Meanwhile, creatine is one of the most widely used supplements. It reduces muscle fatigue by bringing in extra energy to the cells. A lot of studies have confirmed that it helps build muscle mass when the user does resistance training exercises.

The Results

In general, Advocare Performance Elite is well-received by consumers. It does not hurt that the company behind it is well-respected in the field of sports nutrition. In fact, it has gone mainstream, signing up professional athletes like 2004 SuperBowl MVP Drew Brees as one of its endorsers.

A search for reviews on this product will offer up many positive experiences. Many online reviews indicate that the products under Advocare Performance Elite are effective. The Advocare Post-Workout Recovery supplement is also said to be effective in reducing muscle soreness after a tiring workout. One reviewer shared that with the supplement, he was able to trim his body fat percentage from 16 to 9 in just eight months.

The reviewer also cited that he has also improved his workout performance, from Olympic power lifts to core lifts. He also bares that he has been able to perform more bench presses and squats since he used the supplement.

However, it should be mentioned that Advocare Performance Elite is tailored for active athletes. People who are trying to lose weight may not be able to fully appreciate the effects of the supplements. The same goes for people who are trying to put on more weight.

With Advocare Performance Elite, you can maximize your workout gains. You can build more muscles as you would have the energy needed for your training, and your muscles can recover faster. These are the impressive Advocare Performance Elite results you can expect when you take any of the products.