Why Should You Try Advocare’s 02 Gold Supplement?

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The 02 Gold supplement from Advocare can improve the way your body makes use of oxygen and can allow you to train harder and longer without easily tiring out.

O2 Gold
If you have been searching the Internet for a food supplement that you can take to enhance your athletic performance, then you have to at least consider 02 Gold by Advocare. This is a supplement that has helped a lot of people around the world in improving their training. It’s a great supplement to have if you always find yourself unable to exercise especially after a long and tiring day at work.

Advocare 02 Gold, or simply 02 Gold supplement, has a unique blend of herbal extracts and proteins. Together, these ingredients can support and improve your daily workouts. You’ll be able to push yourself to the limit, whether you are training to become a triathlete or you simply want to get into tip top shape.

This supplement can help your body enhance the way it utilizes oxygen, hence you’ll be able to maximize your training. You won’t easily get tired when you use this supplement prior to a workout. You’ll also benefit from increased energy levels and this should help you achieve your fitness goals faster.

What is it?
The manufacturer, Advocare, calls it an herbal dietary supplement. It contains whey protein that is easy to digest. It is designed to better facilitate the use of oxygen, in the process enabling a user to improve his or her athletic performance. It is also aimed at restoring vitality and liveliness, and helping the body better adapt to stress.

02 Gold supplement is also said to support the recovery of the muscles after a strenuous workout, and counter the bad effects of free radicals on the body by providing antioxidants. It also promotes the good function of the immune system. It comes in tablet form. The manufacturer recommends taking two caplets at least an hour before a workout. It should not be taken by anyone aged 17 years and below.

The effects of the supplement would last approximately two to three hours. In case you’re attempting to use this supplement for the first time, keep in mind that you must never exceed eight tablets a day.

What are its ingredients?
A caplet contains 500mg of inosine, a chemical that plays numerous roles in the body. For athletes, the most important of these functions is supporting the regeneration of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the main form of usable energy in the body. During workouts or anything physically demanding, the body’s supply of ATP is depleted and this explains why you easily get tired.

Inosine supports the regeneration of ATP, therefore you won’t easily get exhausted even if you have been lifting weights or running for almost an hour. It’s not surprising that inosine is one of the more common ingredients in many bodybuilding supplements.

Another key ingredient of this supplement is Rhodiola rosea, a herb that has long been used as a tonic herb in Europe particularly countries such as Russia, Sweden, and Norway. A caplet contains around 200mg of Rhodiola rosea.

Traditionally used for purposes such as preventing infections and improving sexual function, Rhiodiola rosea is now being utilized for fighting fatigue and enhancing sports performance.Rhodiola rosea

The ingredient has been tested in various clinical settings for its claimed benefits. In one study, 161 male cadets who were sleep-deprived were asked to use rhodiola extract. It was found that rhodiola was more effective compared to placebo at fighting off the effects of fatigue.

In terms of enhancing athletic performance, a study had 14 trained male athletes supplemented with Rhodiola rosea for four weeks. They were then asked to undergo an exhaustion test and had their blood samples taken. It was found that Rhodiola rosea supplementation reduced the amount of plasma-free fatty acids of the male athletes. The study concluded that the herb indeed can improve athletic performance.

The 02 Gold supplement by Advocare also contains Eleuthro, also known as the Siberian ginseng. The herb was first discovered by Soviet researchers. It is well-regarded for its ability to improve athletic performance.

Through the years, Soviet and German scientists have performed countless tests to study the effects of the herb on athletic performance. One study revealed that those who take Eleuthro experienced an increase in maximum oxygen uptake compared to those who were in the placebo group.
The same study showed that those who use the Serbian ginseng were able to recover from workouts faster than those who were given a placebo.

In 2010, a study that was published in the Chinese Journal of Physiology revealed that Eleuthro extract can improve cycling performance. The study said that those who took 800 milligrams a day for eight weeks experienced 3 percent increase in fat burning capacity and VO2 max, or the measure of maximum oxygen volume an athlete can utilize.

Beetroot juice is yet another ingredient found on the supplement, and this is a vegetable that is known for being a healthy side dish. Like the other ingredients mentioned above, beetroot juice can optimize a person’s oxygen consumption.beet root

In one study conducted by experts at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, it was shown that those who take beetroot juice consume less oxygen when walking and running. Plus, they lasted up to 15% longer on the treadmill compared to those who took placebo.

In one caplet of 02 Gold, there’s 1000 mg of enzyme hydrolyzed whey proteins that provide amino acids and proteins needed for growing muscle mass. Enzyme hydrolyzed whey proteins have partially altered molecular chains, facilitating faster digestion of whey proteins the moment that this supplement is taken. In turn, the whey proteins are digested faster and can immediately aid the metabolic processes.

If you are not familiar with whey protein, this is a pure and natural protein derived from cow’s milk. It nourishes the body with the essential amino acids needed for various functions like weight management, immune system, and general wellness.

What are its pros?
The 02 Gold supplement can make you achieve your fitness goals faster by optimizing your body’s use of oxygen. Remember that in exercising, the muscles in the body transmit a message to the brain about the need for more oxygen. After all, oxygen is needed in breaking down glucose for producing more energy. By taking the supplement, your body will be more efficient in the use of oxygen. You’ll notice that the training paces that you had troubles keeping up a month ago have become a lot easier. You can train harder or run longer.

This supplement can also make your muscles grow bigger by improving your endurance. Your body won’t get easily tired even after hours of training, thus you can look for a substantial increase in muscle mass after a few weeks of using this supplement.

This supplement is designed for hardcore bodybuilders and elite athletes, however you may be a casual exerciser and still benefit from the use of this supplement. You would feel more energetic when you take at least a tablet before working out. It will be easier for you to achieve your fitness goals, whether you want to lose weight or you’d want to develop the cardiovascular endurance for a competition like a 10-km run.

Since the supplement is made up of mostly natural ingredients, there is also a very low risk of side effects. You can avoid side effects, too, if you don’t overuse this product. Remember not to exceed the recommended dose of two tablets a day especially if you have never used the supplement before.

The 02 Gold supplement is recommended for adults 18 years old and above. It is safe for use even by people with asthma, who can turn to this supplement for improving their oxygen intake especially during workouts. There are even some online reviewers who say that they no longer use their inhalers when they found out about the positive effects of the 02 Gold supplement. The supplement is easy to use. Simply take two tablets before a workout.

What are its cons?
The only downside to buying this supplement is the price. At around $40, the supplement may seem like a bargain. However, a bottle contains only 30 tablets. You would run out of tablets in 15 days if you follow the recommended dosage of two tablets a day.

Is it worth trying?
If you are not concerned at all with the price of the supplement, then try using the 02 Gold supplement by Advocare. The benefits outweigh the very few disadvantages of using the supplement.

By taking the 02 Gold supplement an hour before an exercise, you would be able to train harder thanks to the ability of the supplement to enhance your body’s oxygen intake. You will be able to push your body to the limit. If you’re serious with your fitness goals then you’ll be able to achieve them in a shorter span of time. Given all of these positive effects of Advocare’s 02 Gold, there really is no reason why you should not give this dietary supplement a shot.