How the Advocare 24 Day Challenge Works

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The Advocare 24 Day Challenge promises to get you in optimum physical condition and promote muscle growth. This article explains how it works.

The Advocare 24 Day Challenge is a complete nutrition and supplementation program that’s designed to revitalize your body. Unlike other wellness programs, the Challenge covers everything including energy, body composition, weight management, and general overall wellness. A lot of people say they’ve used the program successfully, but how exactly does it work for bodybuilders?

The Challenge consists of two phases: the Cleanse and Max, and this spans the 24 days. The Cleanse phase starts at Day 1 and concludes on Day 10, and the Max Phase starts Day 11. Now you’re probably wondering how this relates to muscle buildup: the link has actually been well established and proven by fitness experts, and it has to do with your body’s natural processes. Advocare herbal cleanse

Cleansing and Bodybuilding

Your body’s ability to build muscles depends entirely on how healthy it is. For instance, we all know that protein synthesis is essential for muscle growth, but if your body doesn’t have enough protein, muscles won’t grow. Also, diet plays an important role in sculpting your body, as a poor diet minimizes the positive effects of working out.

To keep it simple: without cleansing, your body will have a harder time growing muscles, so you need to prepare yourself prior to working out, and the Challenge method is a good option.

What is the Cleanse Phase?

The Advocare Cleanse Phase is all about getting your body used to absorbing minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates, but this can be difficult considering today’s lifestyle. That’s what the Cleanse Phase is for, and during this period you’ll take three products: Advocare Herbal Cleanse, OmegaPlex and Advocare Spark. Together, these products will rid your body of waste and make it easier to absorb nutrients.

The Herbal Cleanse System

This System rids your body of waste and ensures your body is ready to absorb all essential nutrients. Using a unique mix of herbal ingredients, the Cleanse System provides a scientific and systematic approach that cleanses your internal system and eliminates digestion problems.

OmegaPlex OmegaPlex

OmegaPlex contains a powerful blend of omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for your immune system, bone, skin, muscles, nerves and the heart. Unlike other omega 3 fatty acids, only the highest quality are used so you can be certain the omega 3 in the product is pure.

Advocare Spark

Advocare Spark sports drink

Spark contains several nutrients and was developed specifically to serve as a natural source of energy and improve mental focus. Contrary to other similar products, Advocare Spark is 100% sugar free and contains more than 20 different types of vitamins, nutrients and minerals that work together, providing you with a complete source of energy, but unlike caffeine, it doesn’t result in over stimulation and provides just the right amount to get you going.



The Max Phase

After the Cleanse Phase is completed, it’s time to move on to the Max Phase (Day 11 to 24), and the objective here is to fuel your body so you can attain the best possible results. Under the Challenge program, you’re going to consume the following products which, combined, will improve your core nutrition, increase appetite control and provide increased energy.

Metabolic Nutrition System

You have the option of choosing which Metabolic Nutrition System to take, but all of them improve appetite control, enhance core nutrition and increase the amount of energy available for your body to use. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to go with MNS 3 as it will furnish you with a solid basis for energy and appetite control.

If you’re after greater appetite control, MNS C is recommended, and for higher energy  levels, MNS E. Regardless which one you use, you’re assured each one includes ProBiotic Restore, OmegaPlex, CorePlex multivitamins, wellness supplements and thermogenic components.

Meal Replacement Shake

There’s a prevailing myth that to build muscles you need to skip meals, the rationale being you’ll lose fat and weight. In fact, skipping meals is unhealthy because your body needs to gain weight (not fat) to build muscle. However there are times when skipping meals cannot be avoided, and that’s where the Meal Replacement Shake comes in. meal replacement shak

An integral part of the Max Phase, the Meal Replacement Shake contains 50 percent of the RDA for calcium, plus 26 different types of minerals and vitamins, 5 to 6 grams of fiber, 24 grams of carbohydrates and 22 to 24 grams of protein. The shakes are available in different flavors as well.

Other Products

The products given above are all you’ll need to complete the Challenge, but there are several companion products available that complement the experience and are ideal if you have specific targets.

  • Catalyst: this provides a wide range of L-glutamine and branched-chain amino acids that serve as fuel for building muscles. Furthermore, Catalyst also repairs damaged muscle tissues, protects your muscles and provides the nutrients necessary to maintain your lean muscle mass, plus it promotes strength and endurance.
  • ThermoPlus: this product promotes weight loss and comes with several vital botanical extracts that suppress your appetite and enhances the metabolic processes. When taken properly, ThermoPlus stimulates fat oxidation especially when combined with exercise and a healthy diet.
  • Carb-Ease Plus: Carb-Ease Plus was developed specifically to provide support for body composition and weight management. What makes this effective when used in the Challenge is it prevents the body from readily absorbing fats, and it also helps you maintain your weight by minimizing the effects of excess carb consumption.


The Challenge is not meant to be a substitute for diet and exercise: actually it serves to complement them, and after 24 days your body will be more than ready to live a healthier lifestyle. By its end, you will have grown accustomed to eating healthy and you’re more likely to stick with it.

After completing the Advocare 24 Day Challenge you will look and feel better. For optimum results, it’s best to continue taking the products daily as part of your maintenance. Not only will it ensure your body absorbs nutrients better, but they won’t conflict with any of the muscle building food you are consuming.