Is Advocare FDA Approved or is It Just a Scam?

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Is Advocare approved by the FDA and does it really stimulate muscle growth? This article takes an unbiased look at the company behind this revolutionary product and aims to uncover whether it’s really effective or not.

Being a very popular product nowadays, it’s only natural to wonder if Advocare is FDA approved. After all there are a lot of health supplements and it’s only natural to wonder if this is any different. For those not familiar with Advocare, it’s a company that specializes in weight management and muscle building, and it’s been operating since 1993.

Technically speaking, the answer is no because there isn’t a standard approval process used in the health supplement industry, and the law says they don’t need FDA approval, but Advocare does abide by the rules and regulations set by the FDA with regards to safety and quality production. According to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education and Learning Act of 1994, all companies that produce supplements are responsible for guaranteeing the reliability and safety of their products prior to being marketed.

Furthermore, the entire Advocare product line is subjected to tests and clinical trials by independent researchers and personal trainers so the claims made by the company concerning safety do not rest on it alone.

This is a very important point and something that needs to be stressed. One of the reasons why people trust in the company is they let their products get tested by independent testers, providing assurance that the results are genuine. Furthermore, each ingredient used has been scientifically proven to promote muscle buildup and energy. Rather than swallow the company line, you can research each product and learn that they’re for real.

What this means is that Advocare takes all the steps necessary to ensure that their products are tried and tested prior to be being released, and this holds true whether it is for bodybuilding, weight maintenance or skin care. Given these reasons, the proper question should be is Advocare healthy? And the answer is yes, judging by the reviews and testimonials from those who have used their Performance Elite products.

The Performance Elite ProductsAdvocare Performance Elite

These products are ideal for the professional athlete as well as the serious bodybuilder because they contain special ingredients that accelerate muscle buildup, speeds up recovery time after workouts and increases physical endurance. The following is a brief overview of their most popular products.

Note: each of these products have been tried and tested prior to being mass produced, and the company followed the regulations set forth by the FDA with regards to the processing and safeguarding of supplement ingredients.


BioCharge was formulated specifically to enhance muscle performance and shorten recovery time, using a specially concocted formula consisting of powerful antioxidants, amino acids, BCAAs ( branched-chain amino acid)and B vitamins. The BCAAs in particular are crucial in muscle development because they are the building blocks of muscles and essential for reducing soreness and muscle damage. Aside from increasing lean muscle mass, BioCharge also provides you with a caffeine-free energy

To use, simply mix the content of a single pack in 4 ounces of water and stir.

Ingredients:  isoleucine, L-leucine,  pantothenic acid, folic acid,  vitamins B6 & vitamin B12

O2 GoldO2 Gold

Not only is Advocare safe, but their products, like O2 Gold, are actually essential for bodybuilders because it provides the nutrients necessary to fortify your system and stimulate muscle growth. This supplement in particular contains special herbal extracts and proteins that enhance your energy and allow you to do more, which is crucial for workouts.

Furthermore, O2 Gold’s ingredients optimizes your body’s nitrogen retention and oxygen use, both of which are crucial for utilizing oxygen properly. As any bodybuilder will tell you, the body’s ability to use oxygen will determine how far you can go, so an oxygen optimizer will definitely help.

O2 Gold is rich in adaptogens that build up your body’s resistance to mental, physical and chemical stresses as well as optimize different body functions. The supplement also facilitates oxygen support and transport, which increases your physical exertion capacity, and it also reduces the ill effects of free radicals.

The benefits include helping your body deal with stress, maintain a high energy level and it leads to faster muscle building and recovery. Just as important, O2 Gold strengthens your body’s immune system. To use, take a couple of caplets an hour before working out and before meals, and this product works best when used with the other Performance Elite products.

Muscle Fueluse muscle fuel to help your muscles recover from a rigorous workout

Advocare Muscle Fuel contains botanicals, B vitamins, minerals and other intermediates that boost your energy. Together, these ingredients generate a synergistic effect that speeds up your metabolic process, keeps your energy level at a high and just as important, restores your body’s energy supply after intense physical activities.

The secret to Muscle Fuel lies in its ingredients, as they increase energy production in your body while keeping your electrolytes balanced. At the same time, Muscle Fuel also provides support for your cardiovascular system, promotes muscle buildup and boosts physical workout recovery time.

Muscle Fuel offers several benefits including enhanced physical performance, accelerated protein synthesis, and support for numerous muscle metabolic processes. Combined, these elements optimizes your workout performance potential without causing any side effects.

Directions: shake or stir the content of a single pouch and mix with 8 ounces of water. Take it 30 minutes before working out.


So is Advocare worth it? The answer is yes, it definitely is. If you’ve spent any time using or taking supplements, you know there are a lot of products that don’t follow the standards set by the FDA and thus not safe to use at all. At the very least they’re not going to promote muscle building, and at worst they probably have serious side effects.

But Advocare is an exception: yes, manufacturers don’t need FDA approval to produce and market their products, but Advocare has taken the extra step of ensuring their products adhere to the strict guidelines set by the FDA for health products that are under their supervision.

So is Advocare FDA approved? No it isn’t, because the law doesn’t require it, but the company makes certain that their products live up to the highest standards so you’re not only assured the supplement is safe, but that it’s effective.